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This site is pretty bare-bones right now, but hopefully over the next few years it will develop into something that is more useful. In the meantime, feel free to explore.

Hello! My name is Radouan Boukharfane, and I’m a postdoctoral fellow in the Extreme Computing Research Center (ECRC), Computer Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering Division (CEMSE), KAUST (Thuwal, Saudi Arabia), hosted by Matteo Parsani. I did my PhD at P’ Institute (Poiters, France), under the supervision of Arnaud Mura in the Fluids, Thermal Science and Combustion Department of P’ Institute.

My research interests are related to the design and implementation of novel numerical methods for hyperbolic and mixed hyperbolic/parabolic partial differential equations, as well as their application to solve realistic flow problems in various areas of natural science and engineering. I worked also on the analysis of complex fluid media (i.e., featuring shock, multicomponent, and/or reactive) with a special practical system, i.e. rocket propulsion.

I received the Masters degrees in 2013 from ISAE-SupAero (Toulouse, France), where I studied aerspace and aeronautics engineeering, and from Polytechnique de Montreal (Montreal, Canada), where I studied advanced numerical methods applied on fluid dynamics.